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Channel Linking Guide

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Give your channel an edge ...

If you have a channel on Serenity-IRC, there is now an easy way to get people to visit your room. You can give out a web address which will bring them to the Java Chat logon page, and it will fill out details about your room automatically. So when they click connect after checking the form, they will be brought directly to your room.

How to

There is a basic address to get to the Java Chat logon page:

To be able to specify some of the details needed to logon to Serenity-IRC straight to your room, you will need to add extra bits of information to that basic address.

To specify you channel, you use the chan command. For example, if you wanted people to have the #testing channel filled on their Java Chat logon forms, then you would get people to visit the address:

notice we've added ?chan= after the basic address, followed by the channel name WITHOUT the # character.

So for another example, if you wanted people to be able to join the #help channel after Connecting with the Java Client, you'd give out the address:

That's all there is to it! When your visitors visit that web address, they will see the Java Logon screen, but it will have the channel name already filled out saving you and them time.

If you wish to do more advanced things, like specifying nicknames or servers, then please join the #help channel on the Serenity-IRC network.


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