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Acceptable Usage Policy

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Policy Details

Serenity-IRC is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network created to provide a safe chat environment with responsive IRC Operators (IRCops). Serenity-IRC is a private, moderated network, and reserves the right to deny access to this server to any user, host, or domain without warning or explanation. We also reserve the right to scan all connecting clients for open proxies, SOCKS and/or Wingates. There are no fees required to use any server linked to Serenity-IRC, or to register nicknames and/or channels. In return for the provision of free network access and services, we expect users to comply with the terms listed in this AUP. If you are not in agreement with our policies, disconnect now.

The trade of illegal software, copyrighted materials, and pornographic files on the network, and the use of any nicknames or channels towards these banned activities, is strictly PROHIBITED on the Serenity-IRC network.

Publicly accessible items such as nicknames, channel names, channel topics, or conversations should be kept "PG rated", and will be dealt with accordingly if deemed offensive.

Nicknames or channels registered to mislead others into thinking you are affiliated with the network, or that could mislead others into thinking that, will be deleted or closed. Please exercise some caution in nickname and channel choices. Nicknames or channels deemed to be in violation of the guidelines set forth on this website and in connection notices and/or MOTDs on Serenity-IRC servers may be deleted or banished in the case of nicknames, or set secret (+s) or closed, in the case of channels.

Channels set to secret mode (+s) on the Network will be invisible to other users. This can either be through the choice of the Channel Founder or forced by the network in the case of inappropriate content or channel names.

Channels registered specifically for the purpose of harassment will be deleted. Harassment of other users and/or channels will not be permitted. Advertising, cloning by multiple client connects, flooding by repeated send of text or CTCP commands, and the use of profanity or harassment against other clients or channels are grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the network.

We allow four (4) connections per user. Each user may have a maximum of 8 registered nicknames, and 5 registered channels. While we permit "friendly" bots, we do not support them, and channels may not be "held open" by a bot. In the interests of network security against spam, drone, and other bot attacks we require that all bots be registered. This will ensure that in the event that a situation develops registered and exempted bots will not be forced to disconnect or be disconnected. For more information on bot restrictions and to complete your bot registration, join #help. Serenity-IRC cooperates fully with all legal authorities with investigations of internet abuse and fraud.

DISCLAIMER: Content, conversations, and activities carried out via the Serenity-IRC network either in private, in channel, or otherwise are not controlled or endorsed by Serenity-IRC. Serenity-IRC is not liable for any claims or damages pertaining to these activities.

IRC Operator Services

IRC Operator personnel will be present in #Help on an as-available basis, to assist clients with nickname and channel registration, answer questions regarding services, and intervene in the event of violations of the Acceptable Use Policy. IRC Ops will not involve themselves in nickname or channel disputes. In some instances, IRC Ops will provide technical advice for software or hardware issues.

DISCLAIMER: Serenity-IRC is not responsible for this advice and assumes no liability for damage to hardware or software as a result of using this technical assistance.


Close/kline team deals with all issues of room closures and removal of clients from the network (

Abuse team deals with all issues of staff abuse (

Any client or staff member may submit a complaint with all supporting documentation of the offense, including, but not limited to time-stamped logs. Complaints submitted without supporting evidence will not be processed.

Questions about this AUP may be submitted to (

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