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This channel list was last updated at: Sun Jul 23 12:42:35 2017 GMT.

Channel Users Topic
#aurora1*=A=* Aurora *=A=* Paintings in the Darkk Sky~*Admin Room*~ darkks office! Park ya butt, cause I am on Euro time now, or leave a message
#Hallway1Welcome ! Hang out, relax... take a nap...   :-)  
#help2Welcome to #Help - Serenity's help channel - Address your questions to nicks with a @ or + by their nick. Please be patient, Coffee machine is broken, Staff response times will vary greatly!
#linuxzone3Come chat with me!!!
#paradise1Happy Fourth of July ! be safe and have fun
#routing1Current IRCD version: Serenity IRCD Serene5.28 | IRCD is STABLE | Services are STABLE. | We have great servers -=- /join #help for questions on linking
#serenity6Welcome! Come on in and Chat and Lurk with Serenity Geek Squad! - Having a "smoking section" of the house is a little like having a "peeing section" of the swimming pool - chemmy, Rems and I are both on euro time, we missed you and want to chat to you
#triviafun2-=- Last month winners: 1. Rio -> 300 2. Twilight--Zoned -> 100 3. SoulSurvivor -> 1
#villagebbs4Village BBS Chat - Mostly Video Games and Stupf - All Welcome

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